Student activism, free software and meeting inspiring people

My recent articles on or in New Internationalist

I’ve had a couple of interviews published in the magazine recently, including a Q&A with Man Booker Prize nominee Jeet Thayil, for November (online here), and an interview with the amazing feminist activist Khanum Lateef from the the Kurdistan region of Iraq, published in December’s issue.

On 21 November I went to London for the NUS demo and wrote a couple of blog posts – before and after.

For December’s podcast I spoke to NI’s Hazel Healy and Charlie Harvey. We had an interesting discussion about digital freedoms and non-freedoms, privacy, the practicals of free software and why tech is so dominated by men.

For anyone interested in the free software movement check out this month’s massive web hit, Hazel Healy’s interview with Richard Stallman.

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