Who am I?

I am a freelance journalist and editor whose work has appeared in publications including New Internationalist, Red Pepper, The Ecologist and The Guardian. I have reported on social and environmental justice, activism, politics and the arts from across the UK, Cambodia, India, the US and Belize. There are examples of my work on my online portfolio and I also post updates to the blog.

I am also a professional editor, sometimes for New Internationalist magazine. I previously worked as the News Editor for the national quarterly newspaper Transition Free Press until it closed in 2015.

I write a regular column for openDemocracy’s Brexit Inc series on the environment, corporate power, Brexit and the British state.

I’m passionate about co-operatives and ways of living that challenge the current system. I am a member of Shoal Collective, a newly-formed co-operative writing for social justice and a world beyond capitalism.

Get in touch with me on amy.hall [at] live.co.uk or on Twitter @amyrhall