The power of we: Young activists, revolutionary healthcare and the Saleh Family

October was a busy month at – here’s some of the content I’ve written or produced…

‘The power of we – My post for Blog Action Day 2012: why I think collective action and internationalism are as important as ever.

Natasha Makengo from Save the Congo and Shukri Sultan from Hands Off Somalia – As part of our blog series celebrating young activists I interviewed Natasha and Shukri about how they got involved in campaigning and what inspires them to keep going.

November’s podcast features Professor John Kirk on Cuba’s revolutionary healthcare system. I asked him about Cuba’s foreign medical missions, how they run universal free healthcare at home and spoke to him about some of the criticisms.

And lastly, I wrote a post about my friend Shrouk’s family who had fled Egypt five years ago because of their abusive father with prominent state connections. They had been taken from their home in the early hours of the morning and were eventually sent back to Eqypt despite a massive campaign to keep them in Wales. The campaign to Save the Saleh Family continues – find out more at the Facebook page.

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