Solidarity fridges from Frome to Dubai

4689I wrote an article for the Guardian’s Sustainable Business network about ‘solidarity fridges’ around the world. I visited Frome in Somerset to check out their community fridge which holds donations of surplus food from individuals and businesses. Anyone can come and take the food between 8am and 8pm every day.

The Frome project was inspired by solidarity fridges in Spain, where there are now eight. I also spoke to some people in Dubai who had started a similar scheme, mainly for providing construction workers with cold drinks and fruit.

Read the full article here at the Guardian website.


At the moment I’m part of a team of 14 people working on a new magazine called UpStart which is part of our Postgraduate Diploma course.

UpStart is aimed at the UK startup community, hoping to provide something more useful, interesting and relevant to people who have small businesses than traditional business media which tends to cater for bigger, less creative, higher turnover businesses. We want to speak to the people working for themselves, either on their own or in a small team, avoiding the ‘men in suits’ image of theĀ businessĀ media. People who don’t so much see themselves as businesswomen and businessmen but people who have their own businesses.

Currently we are working on issue two of the magazine but you can see issue one here on Issuu, any feedback gratefully received.

The UpStart website is here.