April: the month of interning

For the last five weeks I’ve been doing work experience at the Ecologist and the SocietyGuardian

Since the beginning of April I’ve been sofa surfing my way around London (and Surrey), staying with lovely friends and family, and getting a lot of use out of my A to Z.

The first four weeks were at the Ecologist, an environmental online magazine. It was great to be somewhere with such a history in the environmental movement and properly get stuck in to some interesting topics that I really care about. Interns at the Ecologist tend to be tasked with writing a lot of lifestyle articles for the Green Living section, something I haven’t done a huge amount of before but I really enjoyed getting into something different while still writing about things I cared about. I also had some really helpful expert interviewees (and editors) to help me out. I will be posting links to all the articles I wrote here as they are published on the site.

For my final week I was back at the SocietyGuardian (I was there for two days in September) it was again great to get stuck into researching some really important issues. One of my main tasks was working on these interviews for a piece two years on from the launch of the ‘big society’, tracking down some of the people who went to the high profile meeting at Downing Street to find out what they thought now with some interesting responses.

I was really lucky with both my placements, working with welcoming and friendly teams in both places, and at the Ecologist my fellow interns Rachael, Mark and Lisa.

Now it’s back to one month more of uni, deadlines, exams and then in June out into the ‘real world’ again.

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