Live Below The Line: Day 3

OK, so its time to come clean: I’d actually broken my own rules before I’d even started. Last week, when I’d already set up my fundraising page, I found out I had an interview tomorrow…in Cardiff. I could have said no to it I guess but I didn’t so I decided to relax my rules and buy a return bus ticket to Cardiff costing £12.50 which I am sat on as I start to write this. It’s just another reminder that, lucky for me, this isn’t my life.

I cycled to work as normal leaving my bike there to walk to the bus. I will then do the same in reverse on the way home tomorrow – hope there’s not many bike thieves reading this!

Going away for 24 hours means I have had to plan ahead with food, bringing my meals with me, despite my boyfriend, who I’m staying with, wanting to feed me. I am sat on the bus trying hard not to eat tomorrow’s rations as I write this.

I am over half way through the challenge now and its going well (apart from the bus blip) but I am really starting to miss fruit and vegetables and regretting not investing in more pulses. Things to keep in mind if I do it again next year.

The end is in sight though and I’m only £10 away from my fundraising target of £150.

If you have some spare cash and want to sponsor me, you can visit my fundraising page here


Food and socialising £0

Travel £12.50

Food Eaten

Breakfast – crumpet and apple

Mid afternoon – chocolate biscuit

Lunch – instant noodles, crisps

Mid after noon – chocolate biscuit

Bus ride snack – crips, chocolate biscuit

Dinner – tomato soup and pitta bread

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