Soma Ansamble, The Yarns and Queen Street // Live // 01.02.11 // Underbelly

First appeared on Never Enough Notes on February 5 2011.

First to the stage on this incredibly-varied night from Dead or Alive are boys next door, Queen Street. When I say boys next door I mean the kind of boys that have formed a band and practice in their parents garage, with boisterous drums and singing proper indie rock. The neighbours exclaim: “My those two make a lot of noise for just two of them”, and they’d be right.

Although they operate at some pace, Queen Street still find time to slow it down with songs like U Don’t Talk So Nice… which slides through a tale of woe then BAM straight back into it again.

Frontman Jon Dodd certainly fancies himself as a bit of a showman and knows all the poses such as Up On Speaker and Out In Crowd.

The Yarns come next with brass inspired folk. Echoing The Kooks at times, and sometimes with a reggae or funk edge they bring the sunshine into the room.

Soma Ansamble finish the night with the most ferocious conga playing I have ever seen and a demonstration of just how versatile the saxophone can be. Although the instruments sound great, after a few tracks it still sounds like background music. And there is plenty in this venue for the wandering eye including patterned black and white ceilings and a massive gold framed mirror on the stage.

From incredibly sleepy jazz to upbeat funk and rock, the mainly instrumental Soma Ansamble, originally from ‘the Siberian tundra’, are at times surreal and when there is some voice, in No Tomorrow it consists of sax player Philip Filipiuk saying “love me like there’s no tomorrow, fuck me like there’s no tomorrow”, all I can think about is edging away slowly.




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