PODCAST: Vanessa Baird and Owen Jones on the feral rich

January’s New Internationalist podcast looks at how the super rich are gaining from the economic crisis while the poor get the blame…

My latest New Int podcast featuresĀ co-editor Vanessa Baird, and author and columnist Owen Jones discussing with me their ideas for turning the tables on the super rich and putting a stop to the demonization of the poor.

As the wealth gap grows, despite the economic crisis, January/February’s double magazine explores how the ‘feral rich’ get away with it and what can be done to stop them.

Listen to the podcast and find out more about the magazine at the New Internationalist website.

New Internationalist podcast

Finally posting about the podcasts I’ve started making at New Internationalist.

The first one, for the September issue of New Internationalist, is on the legalization of drugs. In it I speak to Vanessa Baird, NI co-editor about why she thinks the war on drugs isn’t working.

You can listen to the podcast here. Read more about September’s New Internationalist here.

Today I spoke to Jody McIntyre for October’s episode on youth activism. Here’s a video taster for October’s issue – Youth rising: why apathy is not an option.