At last, after many months of deliberating the Ctrl.Alt.Shift Podcast is off the ground in conjuntion with the excellent SOAS Radio.

Episode one focuses on gender equality and was done for International Women’s Day which was on March 8.

Check it out at the SOAS Radio website.

Episode 2 should be out at the beginning of April and will centre on Tax Justice. We are hoping it will be bigger and better so watch this space.

New Radio Show!

I have finally found a new radio home in London at Southside, a wicked youth community station available online – think I’m just about young enough! I’m going to be doing a weekly show, ‘A Bluffers Guide to Activism every Tuesday 6-7pm until Christmas.

More updates to follow here soon, am hoping to make it as interactive as possible so watch this space!

Also if you’re ‘young’ and involved in any campaigning or activism especially in London or nationally I would love to hear from you. Send me an email to amy.hall@live.co.uk, each show will be themed on a different issue and I will need loads of guests and interviews!