Siop y Bobl: Cardiff’s People’s Supermarket

First appeared on alt.cardiff on Tuesday 11 October 2011.

Siop y Bobl beat Blasus (Delicious) and Broccoli to name the shop based on the London People’s Supermarket featured in a Channel 4 documentary.

Deri Reed, the Ethical Chef, was inspired by the volunteer run supermarket and wanted to try it in Cardiff. The project now has support from the Wales Co-operative Centre and over 300 people interested.

“There’s no doubt that the current food system needs improving,” saysGwion Thorpe, project leader. “Despite the growth of farmers’ markets, box schemes and community food enterprises in Cardiff, the big multiples continue to dominate.”

He says Siop y Bobl will give people more choice; “Ultimately it’s a People’s Supermarket to meet the needs of its members and the local community.”

Organisers are looking for more people to get involved. Get in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

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